Bookkeeping for Australian Sole Traders


Bookkeeping for Australian Sole Traders

Bfast is the online bookkeeping software just for freelancers. It makes doing business solo in Australia easy.

Easy Invoicing

  • Send professional-looking, easy-to-read invoices in just a few clicks. View sample

  • See who owes you money at a glance.

  • Customize invoices with your own logo and detailed payment information.

  • As you type, you’ll get auto-complete suggestions from the Australian Business Registry database for ABNs and business names.

Easy Reporting

  • Track expense as you incur them with Bfast’s ridiculously easy expense tracker.

  • Bfast remembers your previous expenses so you don’t have to completely re-key repeat expenses.

  • Bfast adds up all your invoices, expense deductions and PAYG instalments, and tells you exactly what to write on your BAS. No more spreadsheets!

  • Generate a yearly report for your tax return with a single click.

Easy Living

  • Experience the coolest, most user-friendly interface ever. No need to read the manual - it’s point and shoot all the way.

  • Record regular expenses (like bills and rent) with a single click.

  • Record partial business expenses with a % business use. No more manually calculating how much to claim.

  • Bfast auto-saves everything. Just type and forget. No “save” buttons!

Just What You Need

Most freelancers have traditionally stuck with word processors and spreadsheets for their books, because there’s never been anything more suitable. With Bfast, at last, there’s a proper bookkeeping system you can actually use.

Perfect for Freelancers

  • Bfast is designed just for freelancers. It doesn’t have any of the useless clutter of other accounting software.

  • It’s the easiest, most intuitive accounting software available to date.

  • Bfast is limited to just the functions needed by freelancers: invoices, BAS calculation, and yearly tax return reporting. That’s it!

Perfect for Australians

  • Be confident that your invoices strictly comply with Australian tax requirements.

  • Get tax return estimates and projections based on up-to-date Australian tax rates.

  • A direct link to the Australian Business Registry provides instant company information – just enter the ABN.

  • You get the exact figures for your Business Activity Statements based on how you do business in Australia – PAYG, monthly/quarterly/yearly reporting, cash/accrual accounting and more.

Perfect for Your Budget

  • One low price, unlimited use. The most competitively priced accounting software ever. Click here for pricing details.

  • If you stop working, you stop paying. Your records will be waiting for you when you return to work – no penalties.

  • Your first 45 days are FREE. If you decide Bfast isn’t for you, walk away clean. We’ll never hassle your or ask you for money. Click here to start using Bfast today for free.

We’re Good People

We’re a local Sydney-based company serving the Australian freelance community.

Local Support

  • We have dedicated, Australian-based email support ready to answer your questions.

  • Call our Sydney number any time. No robots to talk to – just people.

Premium Protection For Your Business

  • Your data is protected by 256 bit SSL encryption verified by Thawte – the best there is.

  • Our servers run on the PIPE network – the fastest network of providers in Australia.

We’re Just Like You

  • Bfast was created by people just like you; hard working sole traders who have better things to do than wrangle complex accounting systems.

  • We’re small enough that we listen to every suggestion we get, and we’re constantly working to improve Bfast based on your feedback.

  • How’s this – even Bfast uses Bfast! That’s right; it’s so smart, it even does its own books.